At S.S. Lifts Orona we value our past as much we appreciate the need to plan for a sustainable future. Our renovations segment ensures that we offer a complete selection of products aimed at maximizing the potential of historical architecture and heritage sites. We also strive to bring-up to the latest standards, lifts which are due for an upgrage in residential and commercial premises, with our complete upgrade packages.

Residential & Commercial Lift Refurbishments and Upgrading

A holistic approach to upgrading or replacing old lifts in existing residential blocks or commercial properties. We create a plan and agree with all the stakeholders on the best way to upgrande or replace an existing lift in order to minimise as much as possible the down-time of the lift service whilst the works are being carried out. An effort is also made in order to keep as much as possible from the original installation in order to keep costs at a minimum whilst ensuring maximum safety and comfort with the finished end product.

Historical Building Lift Installations and Renovations

Flexible range of lift solutions designed specifically for historical buildings where an existing lift needs refurbishment / replacement  or in cases where hertiage sites require the installation of a lift which was not possible in the past due to space limitations. Our range of specifically designed lift models are purposely dedicated to maximise the space available in the shaft to obtain larger lift cabins in the same space than with conventional lift models, both in low-pit and/or low-headroom configurations.

Specialized Shaft Metallic Structure

A wide range of reinforced metallic shaft structures designed exclusively for lift installations in existing, historical or small buildings where dedicated lift shafts are hard to construct in stone due to the limitations of space and structural load bearings. Several options are available for different materials and finishes for  both indoor and outdoor structure installations.

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