Free and seamless mobility whilst overcoming all architectural barriers for the mobility impaired. A complete and comprehensive variety of products and solutions catering for all the customer needs and demands. Our solutions are designed for either indoor and outdoor installations, serving both residential and public applications.

Chair Lifts

Various designs available ranging from straight travel to curved travel mechanisms. Also multi-storey options and configurations are available for longer travels. Equipped with all the safety features required such as obstacle limit switches, seat-belt, emergency stop etc..

Platform Stair Lifts

Purposely built for short-to-medium travel of wheelchairs along staircases, featuring automated barrier and ramp deployment for effortless mobility by users. When the lift is not in use, automatic folding functionality of the lift itself is also available in order to protect the lift from unwanted interferance and also keep the area clear for other staircase users.

Vertical Open Platform Lifts

Space-saving solutions designed for the mobility of wheelchairs with payloads of up to 300kg within tight spaces in either indoor or outdoor installations. Top floor landing doors are available in either automatic and manual functionality together with automatic arms and ramp deployment for effortless operation by users.

Vertical Closed Platform Lifts

Versatile and compact, the closed-shaft platform lift is designed to offer mobility between floors without the need for a conventional lift, thus keeping costs at a minimum for people with mobility impairment. Doors are available in either automatic and manual functionaity and in various shades and colours to match the surrounding environment. Basic safety features include emergency stop and automatic emergency descent in case of a power cut.

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