Passenger Lifts

Gearless and Hydraulic solutions designed with or without a machine-room (MRL), in various configurations to accommodate the most demanding of architectural and industrial challenges.

Goods Lifts

A complete range of solutions, designed to move, light and heavy loads, in both commercial and industrial settings using the latest Hydraulic and Gearless technologies.

Goods-Passenger & Vehicle Lifts

Offering various solutions for the residential, industrial and public segments where the transportation of goods and/or vehicles accompanied by passengers is required.

Accessibility Solutions

Bringing down barriers and enabling the mobility-impaired to access buildings seamlessly and safely. A complete range of solutions varying from stair-lifts to wheel-chair platform lifts.


Refurbishing and updating old lifts in existing residential and historical buildings. Updating safety components and equipment as per the latest EU and local norms and regulations.

Crowd Mobility & Management

Various solutions for commercial and public spaces where the efficient, safe and effective movement of large crowds is required in both horizontal and inclined setups.