Industrial, commercial, residential and urban environments all require specific solutions for the movements of attended-goods and vehicles between floors with various pay-load demands. Our tailor-made range of goods-passenger lifts ensures that we have the right solution for all the requirements needed.

Light Attended Goods Lifts

Various types of configurations for industrial and commercial installations with payloads ranging  between 1000kg and 5000kg. Maximum cabin size ensures the best utilization of the shaft space with door-less cabins through push-to-operate commands and light-curtain safety barrier.

Heavy Attended Goods Lifts

Capable of lifting a maximum of 6000kg with a travel height of up to 24 meters, these models are the work-horses of the industrial environments. Featuring automatic landing and cabin doors, anti-creep devices for loading and unloading with forklifters and robust, industrial grade cabin finishes to ensure an efficient, safe and effective work environment.

Reduced-Space Vehicle Lifts

Designed for small residential and commercial parking facilities where spaces are limited and travel distances are short. Door-less cabins are achieved through push-to-operate functionality and light-curtain safety barrier. Space-saving is also achieved through the use of specially designed slat doors that automatically slide to the side once the lift reaches the floor. These lifts can reach a maximum payload of 3500kg.

Hydraulic Vehicle Lifts

Fully automatic vehicle lifts for loads up to 5000kg and speed of up to 0.6m/s. Designed for parking facilities in residential, commercial and urban environments. Featuring the latest innovations in safety and comfort and offering various colours and finishes to match the surrounding environment.

Traction Vehicle Lifts

Purposely built for the busiest of parking facilities with speeds of up to 1m/s and payloads of up to 5000kg. Through the use of gearless traction motor technologies, a high level of energy efficiency is also achieved which keeps running costs down. An impressive maximum travel of 30m can be achieved up to a maximum of 14 floors.

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