A variety of solutions for the busy urban environment, be it commercial or public spaces. New innovations in destination-control algorithms, peak service demand trends and energy-saving functionalities provide the necessary tools to manage and move large crowds efficiently and effectively in a safe and ergonomic environment.

Destination Control for Duplex, Triplex and Quadruplex Solutions

Using the latest technology advancements by applying algorithms for the efficient management of lift traffic between multiple lift groups for serving various floors simulataneously.

Commercial Ramps and Moving Walkways up to 6000 persons / hour

Facilitating the movement of large crowds inside long structures, both on horizoltal or inclined planes. Several speeds and setups are available to manage peak traffic trends and provide energy-efficient functions for low traffic periods.

Commercial Escalators up to 6000 persons / hour

Available in various configuration modes for single or multi-storey setups with either one, two or three escalators per floor, which can be reversed in direction in a tidal system traffic management option. Different sizes, colours and materials also available for satisfying the most demanding of urban environments.

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