High flexibility and various functions and features, make this range one of the most customizable available on the market. Solutions for industrial, commercial, catering and domestic applications, in either hydraulic or traction configurations, and with payload capabilities going up to 12 000 kg.

Light Load Goods Lifts

Small custom-made goods lifts that can fit  euro-pallet size goods or even smaller if necessary. These models are designed for establishments with limited spaces that require the payloads up to 2000kg.

Heavy Load Goods Lifts

One of the most powerful heavy-lifters available in the market, capable of carrying massive loads of up to 12000kg in one go. Available in various configurations depending on the particular applications of the client. Platform locking devices (anti-creep) ensure quick and efficient loading / unloading with forklifts, with materials than can withstand the harsh and hectic warehouse environments.

Catering / Service Lifts

Designed for busy catering establishments where efficiency and speed are key to customer satisfaction. Cabins available in single configuration or double-cabin configuration, thus enabling the transportation of multiple variety of goods without the risk of cross-contamination. Heated cabins are also available together with a whole host of customization options.

Trolley Lifts

Purposely built for industries, commercial applications and residential setups where small goods up to 500kg are required to be moved between floors. Available in both hydraulic and traction and can fit in very tight spaces thus making it very versatile for small and medium businesses.

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