We offer a complete range of goods lifts aimed at all the sectors of the market. Goods lifts are very versatile and highly customizable, meaning they can be adapted to whatever the purpose they are required.

Dump waiters & Small Service Lifts (Light Load)

Designed mainly for the purpose where the delivery of relatively light loads are required to be transported between multiple floors.

  • Max. Travel: 35m
  • Max. Load: 500kg (0.5 Tonnes)
  • Max. Speed: 0.3m/s

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Goods only Platform Lifts (Heavy Loads)

This category of goods lifts can be adapted for a wide variety of solutions. Designed to work in harsh environments with the need to move heavy items between multiple floors. These goods lifts are highly customizable, enabling the client to fit the product exactly to his needs and requirements.

  • Max. Travel: 22m
  • Max. Load: 40,000kg (40 Tonnes)
  • Max. Speed: 0.3m/s

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Goods with Passenger & Vehicle Lifts

Using the latest technology in gearless drives and high-end traction rope innovation, these goods lifts are amongst the most efficient found on the market. Purposely built for very demanding environments where goods, passengers and vehicles, need to move between floors quickly, efficiently and effectively.

  • Max. Travel: 45m
  • Max. Load: 5000kg (5 Tonnes)
  • Max. Speed: 1.0 m/s

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Goods assisted Platform Lift

Providing versatility and flexibility, this kind of goods lift enables goods to be transported from one floor to another whilst also carrying passengers. This kind of elevator falls under the machinery directive and can be operated both from each floor and from inside the cabin with a push-to-operate actuator. Another main feature in this category is the anti-creep device which physically locks the lift at floor therefore enabling fork-lifter operation inside the lift without worrying about losing level. All safety features are available which include a full light curtain, stop-button inside the cabin, alarm system and warning lights.

  • Max. Travel: 12m
  • Max. Load: 5000kg (5 Tonnes)
  • Max. Speed: 0.15m/s

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