Offering a complete range of products and services aimed at the four core elements of our market, Passenger, Goods, Impaired Mobility and Modernisations. In reality we are not just selling a product, but as we like to see it, we are selling a commitment. Committed to our customers’ needs and expectations by ensuring high quality workmanship, the toughest safety procedures and the best after-sales service that we are renowned for.


Passenger Lifts

A complete range of hydraulic and traction type passenger elevators, all individually tailored to suite the clients specifications in terms of sizes, shaft construction, cabin finishes, loads, traffic and energy consumption.

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Goods Lift

Designed to work in harsh environments, our wide range of goods only, goods + passenger and also vehicle lifts are renowned for their capability in carrying the heaviest of loads efficiently and effectively.

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Lifts for the Mobility Impaired

With over 20 years experience in this sector we have combined a comprehensive selection of chairlifts and wheelchair platform lifts, designed according to the latest EU standards and in harmony with all the KNPD requirements.

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Offering customised modernisation solutions aiming at bringing your lift up to the latest EU standards with regards to safety, quality and comfort. Modernising your lift means injecting new life into the product therefore extending the lifetime of the lift.

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