We offer a complete range of lifts aimed to significantly increase the degree of building accessibility , particularly for older people or people with reduced mobility.

Chair Lifts

Comfortable and ergonomic, this chair lift is designed to minimise the clutter of the installation whilst offering a comfortable, fast and efficient way of climbing stairs while seated.

  • Max. Load: 130kg
  • Speed: 0.1m/s
  • Max. Inclination: 40 (degrees)

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Platform Stair Lifts

Designed specifically for users with wheelchairs in need to travel short distances in the inclined direction. This platform can also be made to go round bends of 180 degrees.

  • Max. Load: 230kg
  • Speed: 0.1m/s
  • Max. Inclination: 40 (degrees)

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Micro Platform Lifts

This very elegant platform is purposely engineered for ease of mobility of people with wheelchairs in their homes. Very compact when closed and comes equipped with all standard safety features.

  • Max. Load: 230kg
  • Speed: 1.5m/min
  • Max. travel: 0.8m

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Seam-less Stair Lift

Designed Specifically for places with very limited space. Integrates itself to the floor and enables users to access even the most confined of spaces.

  • Max. Load: 300kg
  • Speed: 1.5m/min
  • Max. vertical travel: 0.5m
  • Max. horizontal travel: 0.7m
  • Max. inclined travel: 0.86m

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Scissors Platform lifts

Very versatile and compact system. Mainly used in public places, offers high level of safety and comfort. Very clean design that adapts in both modern and antique buildings.

  • Max. Load: 300kg
  • Speed: 2m/min
  • Max. Travel: 2m
  • Protection: IP55

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Long-travel Platform lifts

Specially engineered for use by people with impaired mobility with the need to travel between floors. Ideal for both domestic and commercial purposes. Very compact design, ergonomic, user-friendly, safe and efficient.We can also design and install a purposely built shaft into an existing building, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Max. Load: 400kg
  • Speed: 9m/min
  • Max. Travel: 13m
  • Power Supply: Single phase
  • Min. Pit: 140mm

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